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Terms & Conditions

  • How soon can a helicopter take off after the booking of a flight?
    When you book a flight, a helicopter can be ready to take off in about 30 minutes from the base. Due to high demand of flights during the summer months it is recommended to book as early as possible.
  • Are there any restrictions in helicopter flights in Greece?
    We are allowed to fly only during daylight (from sunrise to sunset).
  • Can a helicopter land anywhere?
    Almost anywhere with land owner’s permission, not in populated areas and respecting the privacy of the nearby residents.
  • How can I book a flight?
    Just get in touch with us by Email or fill out the request form to get a quotation and availability. If you agree you confirm the offer by Email with full names and passport numbers of all passengers and the desired payment method - You will receive a confirmation from us with all details as well a Credit Card Authorisation Form (If payment shall be trough CC). In any case the total amount has to be paid before flight! For details please take a look at our Terms & Conditions.
  • What are the payment methods?
    The payment can be done by transfer to our bank account, Credit Card (AMEX, Visa, Mastercard, DinersClub) or PayPal.
  • What if my flight is cancelled?
    Reasons for a cancellation might be weather- or technical caused problems as well unexpected restriction from the authorities. In this case you can reschedule the flight if possible or the total amount will be refund. For details please take a look at our Terms & Conditions.
  • What if I would like to change the departure time or the date of my flight?
    In this case please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule your flight. There is no guarantee for availability especially during high season. To reschedule a flight is free of charge; if it is not possible to reschedule your flight the Cancellation Policy is applicable.
  • When do I have to be at the helicopter?
    The time mentioned on the confirmation is the TAKE OFF TIME. If your flight starts from outside an Airport you are obliged to be at the helicopter at least 10 minutes before take off time. If your flight starts from an Airport you are obliged to be at the Airport at least 20 minutes before take off time. Due to the tight schedule (especially during summer) you need to be on time! In case of no-show-up on time the rights for the flight expire and there is no further right of a refund or any compensation.
  • How much luggage can I bring with me?
    Helicopters have limited luggage storage – also depending on type of the Helicopter. You will be advised about the available storage in our quotation. On average you can calculate 1 midsize standard soft suitcase plus hand luggage per person. Like in an aircraft there are several dangerous goods not allowed in a helicopter. For further information please take a look here…. The Captain is responsible for the safety and he reserves the right to scan the passengers and/or luggage using a metal detector if he deems necessary to do so
  • Which documents do I have to have with me?
    For security reason you have to have your passport with you in any case even if we don’t take off or land at an airport.
  • Are the passengers insured during the flight?
    All passengers (as well the luggage) are insured according to articles 6 and 7 and 7.1 of Regulation (EC) No. 785/2004.
  • How it works when I arrive at an airport by airplane and take a helicopter?
    If you arrive at the airport you will be picked up directly at the aircraft (if possible) or at the entrance of the arrival hall with a sign from our handling agent. You will be supported with your luggage and escorted to the helicopter. If your helicopter flight goes to a hotel we will arrange the pick up there with the hotel directly so you don’t have to take care about this.
  • How it works when I arrive at an airport by helicopter?
    Our handling agent will pick you up at the helicopter and support you with the luggage. If you have a connection flight by airplane we will escort you and support you with the check-in. If you will stay on the spot we would be pleased to arrange for you a transfer or an accommodation.
  • Can I go directly from the airplane to the helicopter or vice versa at the airport?
    Unfortunately not! Even all private aircrafts need to go first trough custom control. Nevertheless we prepare all necessary papers in advance so there is almost no delay.
  • What about children and infants?
    Any infant under three (3) years of age is very welcome to fly on the lap of an adult secured by an infant seatbelt extension. Any child over three (3) years of age requires his own seat.
  • When I book a Sightseeing Tour of e.g. 30 minutes will it last 30 minutes?
    Yes! Most operators start to calculate the flight time from start up the engine until shut down the engine. (Called block-time) This takes on avarage around 10 minutes so a 30 minutes tour would be effectively 20 minutes flying time. If you book a tour with us you can be sure that the flight time is calculated from take-off until landing!
  • What about pets in the helicopter?
    Pets are allowed in flight, but they should be accompanied by valid health and vaccination certificates. Throughout the duration of the flight they should be at a specially arranged place for them. Please contact our office before the flight, in case you plan to have your pet with you.
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