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Our Services

Discover the beauty of Greece from the AIR and get a unique experience!!

Basically we can start a sightseeing tour from everywhere (where a helicopter is allowed to land) but you need to calculate more costs if we start from other places than our bases due to ferry flights.

We offer standard routes but any individual route and flight time is possible.

Our tours are only private - No shared seats!

Sightseeing Tours

Sightseeing Tours

Join a fast, relaxing and safe way to travel, far away from road traffic.

You are looking for a convenient way to start into your hollidays or for a business meeting?

Basically we can pick you up / drop off from everywhere (where a helicopter is allowed to land).

Several Hotels have a landing spot and at almost every location we have some basic spots to land.

Airport transfers, Hotel transfers, Transfers between the islands - No Problem! Just ask us.

Transfer Flights


Enjoy unforgettable moments with an excursion to unique places.

Greece has amazing places to visit but usually they are too far away. With a helicopter you can explore these places fast and without hassles.

Excursions for a full or a half day are easily possible. Enjoy your day on the spot and be back at your Hotel in the evening for a nice dinner.

We offer some standard excursions but any individual routing is possible.