Half Day / Day Tours Crete

To stay on Crete or to visit another island - either way there are a lot of unique and amazing places but in most cases only reachable after a long trip by car or boat.

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SANTORINI, also called Thera or Thira, lies at the south of the Cyclades group at the heart of the Greek islands. It is the hottest spot in the Cyclades in more ways than one. Born in a massive volcanic eruption, fumes still rise from the active offshore volcano to create the most stunning sunsets in the Mediterranean. Cruise ships arrive in droves to take in this startling island with its romantic views, highly charged air and volcanic nights.





MYKONOS is one of the most famous destinations in Greece and attracts thousands of visitors every year. Mykonos is a small island characterized by its picturesque town and its many beautiful long sandy beaches in crystal waters. The island is mostly known for its exciting nightlife.


Falassarna Beach



Falassarna beach (or Falasarna) is located in the western part of the prefecture of Chania, Crete, about 53 km from the city of Chania and 13 km from the town of Kissamos.


Crystal clear waters, aquamarine sea and fine golden sand, are those which characterize Falasarna, which is considered to be one of the best beaches in the prefecture of Chania and all over Crete.

Chrissi Island

Chrissi Island’s sandy beaches are some of the loveliest in Crete – the name ‘Chrissi’ comes from the Greek word χρυσός, meaning gold, because of the golden colour of the sand. The most famous beach is ‘Golden Beach’ on the north side of the island, facing Ierapetra, and this is the beach that attracts most visitors with its clean turquoise waters. On the eastern part of the beach you can find millions of tiny shells, and rocks with fossils.

Chrissi Island lies 15 km south of the town of Ierapetra (8 nautical miles) in the Libyan Sea.

Its maximum length is 5km, width 1km, and average altitude only 10m (highest spot 31m at Kefala to the east).

Samaria Gorge

The Samariá Gorge is a National Park and a major tourist attraction of the island - and a World's Biosphere Reserve. The gorge is 16 km long, starting at an altitude of 1,250 m at the northern entrance, and ending at the shores of the Libyan Sea in Agia Roumeli. The village of Samariá lies just inside the gorge.

It was finally abandoned by the last remaining inhabitants in 1962 to make way for the park.

The village and the gorge take their names from the village's ancient church, Óssia María.

A must for visitors to Crete is to complete the walk down the gorge from the Omalos plateau to Agia Roumeli on the Libyan Sea


Elafonisi is an island located close to the southwestern corner of Crete.

The island is a protected nature reserve.

When the weather is fine it is possible to walk to the island through the shallow water.

Vai Palm Beach

The palm beach of Vai is one of the largest attractions of the Mediterranean island of Crete. It features the largest natural palm forest in Europe, made up of Cretan Date Palm.

You really must visit Vai if you’re in Crete, especially in the east of the island. It’s just like a tropical beach, with its palm trees and small islet in the middle of the bay.